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    Off the Beaten Path
    Avoid the crowds and discover the hidden gems around the state

Looking For the Hidden Gems

Across the United States, savvy travelers are always on the hunt for the next great hot spot. Most people equate the South with stunning mansions and classic southern hospitality, but they often overlook hidden gems across the region. Mississippi, for example, is often associated with music icons and riverboat casinos. On your next visit, try some of these lesser-known Magnolia State locales; it could become your favorite destination spots.

  • Filling Your Belly
    Try region-specific foods

    Most tourists flock to Biloxi for its nightlife and five-star restaurants. Few know about the slew of highly-rated restaurants found in Pascagoula. This gulf coast town boasts eateries with fresh seafood and southern staples, like fried chicken and collard greens. With so many restaurants in close proximity throughout the city, you'll surely find a new favorite spot.

  • An Ancient Phenomenon
    Great for family travel

    Mississippi is a beautiful place to visit, and a short hike through the woods in Flora will lead you to a view millions of years in the making. These Petrified Forests are a unique part of the state's history that will take your breath away. Visit the onsite museum to view fossils and various gemstones from forests on all parts of the globe.

  • Relive the Nation's History
    From the civil war to historic landmarks

    Long ago, Mississippi was the site of many Civil War battles between the Union and the Confederacy. Today, the battlefields are historic landmarks welcoming thousands of visitors each year. Some locations are home to museums, war reenactments and even geocaching. The varying activities offer something for everyone in the family because learning about the country's history never goes out of style.

Be Careful in Unfamiliar Areas

Whether you are on vacation or exploring your home state, you won't want to miss these unconventional locations. Be warned that driving over unfamiliar terrain can quickly result in an accident with another driver. Too many times car accident lawyers take on cases where travelers get into accidents when they are driving in unfamiliar territory, so take care when driving to remote locations. Venturing outside of popular areas allows for new and exciting experiences and memories that last a lifetime.

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